Business training courses

Business training courses

The Women’s Organisation (based in Liverpool) has secured European funding to help provide training for men and women who are running a business in the Halton area.  They run a number of courses listed below at their offices in Liverpool which are mostly at a subsidised rate of £25 per course or £100 for 5 courses.  You can book these courses directly using the web link below.

However, if there is some interest in the courses from traders then we would be able to run the courses here in Widnes at a time (probably Tuesday) to suit traders.  The Council also have some external funding for training which has been highlighted at the two most recent traders committees.  This could be used to provide the courses at nil cost to traders.  If you are interested in attending one of these courses in Widnes please email me directly at stating who you are, your business name and which courses you are interested in and I will liase with the Organisation to provide the course(s) here on Tuesdays at nil cost to traders.  The venue will probably be the Stadium or the Library in Widnes.

Business training courses currently available with The Women’s Organisation are:

Polymer Banknotes

Polymer Banknotes

Getting your business ready

The new polymer £5 note will be issued in September 2016.  It will feature Sir Winston Churchill and be 125mmX65mm.  the design and security features will be unveiled around three months before the issue.


For the latest information about polymer banknotes and other bank note news register at

The new £10 note will be issued within a year of the £5 note being issued. It features on the reverse a picture of Florence Nightingale.


2017 will also be the year the new £1 coin will come into circulation, the design was revealed in 2014, resembling the old thee penny bit.


Customer Survey Results

Customer Survey Results

The results of the latest customer survey carried out before Christmas has been completed and can be found on the link below in draft format.

The results are encouraging, showing the market customers value the market and the goods sold, with over 50% of those asked, shopping at the market at least once a week and 69% rating the market at 8/10 or above.
63% of the responses were from people over 45, with 72% of them having access to the internet, which they use for shopping and looking at goods prior to purchase.
The bulk of the respondents said they shopped mostly for fresh produce (meat, fish, fruit, veg etc) plus household goods, fashion, bags, arts and crafts and use of the cafe.
55% spent between £11 and more than £20 per visit.
More details and information can be found here
Do you sell food?

Do you sell food?

Important information about hygiene ratings for those traders who serve food (click on the image below).